The trouble with praising Mama June & her drastic weight loss

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Listen, I am a total fan of any Woman who decides to get her ish together and lose a massive amount of weight. No one can deny that Mama June (Honey Boo Boo’s Mother) looks amazing after an 11 month journey that took her from over 400 pounds to a size 4.

But the continued praise that I’m seeing for her on the internet reminds me that we have a huge problem within our society.

I will be the first to admit that back in 2012 I fell in love with this family and I would say it loud and proud. People would often times respond to me with an, “Ew, why?” My answer was always the same. I loved the way they seemed to love each other.

This show depicted a real, everyday American family that had essentially gone from rags to riches and I enjoyed watching them have fun being creative on the show while growing financially.

At the time I had no clue that the oldest daughter Anna “Chikadee” Cardwell had allegedly been living with her Grandmother most of her life, but only returned home with June due to the taping of the show.

According to Anna Mama June promised her money and a home of her own in exchange for being an active member of the family and a cast member.

The viewers were also unaware that when Anna was about 8 years old, Mama June’s boyfriend at the time sexually molested her and was sent to prison after being found guilty.

Millions of us watched this show week after week in the blind.

Eventually in 2014 the truth came to the light and we were made privy to the details of the strained relationship that Anna had with her Mother and the fact that Mama June had actually been seen out with this Monster after he was released from jail.

It should go without saying that this crushed Anna. This very act made it very clear that Mama June put her own personal needs before her child’s, let alone having any concern for how it would make Anna feel. Clearly Mama June didn’t care. When asked why she would be in contact with this man after what he did to her child, she said that she felt sorry for him because he was sickly.

Let me just tell you that this hits so close to home that I’m slamming the keys as I type right now.

This heartless, clueless, excuse of a Woman had concern for this predator and “his health” while not giving a damn about her own child. How does this make any sense at all? Someone please explain to me why she of all people on Earth needed to be his comforter and how could a Mother do something like this at the expense of their own child?

Furthermore, how is it that society is ok with this? There is a human being out there that was brought into this World by someone who doesn’t give a damn and she gets to live a life filled with money, fame and praise?

I understand that time heals wounds and people want to forgive and forget, but let me remind you that Anna will NEVER forget that her Mother doesn’t love her. Anna will NEVER forget that her Mother refused to even hear the details regarding what happened to her. Anna will NEVER forget that even after the Woman admitted that she believed that the man sexually molested her child she went back to be in some form of “friendly” communication with him behind her daughter’s back. Anna will NEVER forget that the Woman refused to talk about it or even fully admit the wrong that she’s done. Anna will NEVER forget that she has never been worth anything to her Mother including her fighting for a real and loving relationship with her. Anna will NEVER forget that she has and probably continues to bare shame and guilt for just existing.

If you don’t see this Woman’s actions or lack of actions as shady, sick and grimy then you are a part of the sick society that I speak of in this commentary.

Not only does Anna now have to live life knowing that the person that was supposed to love her the most abandoned her and pretty much proved that she means absolutely nothing to her….she now has to live with the stigma of estrangement.

I guess the silver lining is that most people saw proof of her “why” so she won’t experience as much as some of us do, but she is a part of this demographic that can’t help that these people don’t love us, yet we suffer due to the backlash of statements such as, “You only get one Mother.”

I’ve seen people posting things like, “There are always two sides to the story” and “Anna must be jealous of Mama June”.

WT Entire F? Like what is wrong with you people?

It blows me away how people give “Mothers” this superiority that gives them a pass allowing them do anything short of killing their children, then and only then do people finally take a look at the Mother’s behavior, it’s ridiculous.

What Mama June did and continues to do to the daughter that she brought into this World is wrong, point, blank, period and Anna has every right not to go around her and everyone else that wants to pretend that her innocence wasn’t taken at the age of 8.

She has every right not to go back and tip toe around the real issue while knowing in her heart that Mama June can’t possibly love her having did what she did. If you can argue the point that this Woman could possibly love her child having done this I’d love to hear it.

In fact, this Woman has added insult to injury by going back on TV to get an awesome figure while seeking praise. She even said in this new series, she can’t wait for people to fall in love with her all over again.

What kind of Monster desires this while leaving her child out to the wolves? She is literally oblivious to the pain that her daughter endures due to her betrayal and abandonment. She literally doesn’t care.

If she was going to be doing a show she should have been going to Iyanla to fix her damn life, while trying to figure out how to get a relationship with her child, but it’s apparent that that isn’t her priority.

I could write a book on this so I’ll just stop here. Seriously people, WAKE UP! This Woman does not deserve praise and if nothing else Anna sure as hell doesn’t deserve your criticism.

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9 thoughts on “The trouble with praising Mama June & her drastic weight loss

  1. Good story, Tali. I had no idea any of this occurred. And, I have to wonder if society will ever see abusive/toxic mothers for what they really are.

  2. That was a great article. I’m astounded by the praise heaped on June after all she has done. We live in an idiocracy.

  3. Mama June and her relationship with her daughter is a classic example of either Borderline Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder aka Cluster B mental illness. This effects more people than you realize but not enough for the majority to know about it or understand. The majority can not even imagine that a Mother is capible of doing what a Mother with these mental illnesses do to their children. Research Cluster B, Daughter’s of Mothers with Bordeline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the Disney Movie “Tangled “, Luke137ministries just to name a few. One good thing that could come of Mama June’s fame is more awareness for the daughters and sons who suffer in silence like Anna “Chikadee” Cardwell . There are many of us out here and it would be really awesome if society would finally recognize this issue and support the VICTIMS.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree Tali, the story of June regarding Ana reminds me of my NM. They can throw their child literally to the wolf and think nothing of it. Then they demand the child forgive them- he’ll no! June is a useless piece of work no matter what her weight!

  5. Nicely said! I refused to watch that show; it was completely ridiculous, but after finding out about her daughter made me even more disgusted.

  6. Part of the blame needs to go to TLC for putting this monster on the air again. Sponsors need to pull their ads and say “No, we will not tolerate this behavior!!!”. I didn’t like her the first time, and after that news broke I liked her even less! Idk why people would tune in. She sickens me!

  7. My first thoughts are that I also watched because of the true love between the 2 spouses. My second thought is that even abusive relationships are addictive, and the fact that Mama spent awhile with her abusive man after he had abused her daughter, while illogical, does make sense, as far as addictive and dysfunctional relationships are concerned; it is often the case that women don’t make a split away from their abusive men without first talking to him again, and even getting back together with him again. So yes this thing is normal. Although if she would have allowed him to come in contact with her, that would probably be against the law.

  8. Truth right here. She’s suddenly forgiven because she’s now “pretty”. That’s our world for you. Extremely poisoned. I’ve always been ashamed of our media, but this hit me the most.

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