The Joy In Re-parenting-Playing Dress Up

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If you know me, you know that I take this Re-Parenting stuff pretty serious. It’s not a new concept that I created, and I personally have never read anyone else’s material on it.

I actually just started saying and doing it, and later realized that it wasn’t actually my genius idea after all. Lol

That’s understandable as the entire concept just makes sense. For me it has nothing to do with making my parents wrong or ill equipped. While some may feel this way with good reason, I take the focus off of my actual parents and put it on me, little me or my inner child as many might call it.

I’m always trying to remember what she was like, what she enjoyed doing and what kind of life she would have wanted to live as an adult. Seriously, putting these things into perspective have shaped my entire life, especially as of lately since I’ve placed an even bigger focus on this whole Re-parenting thing.

I was telling my Private Facebook group that caters to about 3,000 people, that while Re-parenting is about me finding things to do that cater to my inner child…. that since I’ve started sharing the concept with others and talking about it a lot more, life is starting to present the opportunities without me even thinking about it.

As a travel blogger and travelpreneur I’m always seeking out opportunities to immerse myself into the culture of whatever city  it is that I’m visiting at the time.

While I thought it was a cheesy concept, I decided to go and be a Thai Princess for a day. I figured it was a cool opportunity to get some nice photos for my ig feed. Little did I know, my inner child would be jumping up and down with excitement.

Let me take you through the process if you will.

I went into this small booth that honestly didn’t look like much. I even sorta doubted that it was legitimate and wondered for a second if I was wasting my time. I was taken up a small set of stairs; There is where I saw all the costumes, jewels, hair extensions and make-up.

I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting but I was seriously taken back for a moment. I thought hmmm, this is along the lines of those “Glamour Shots” that I never got to take when I was little. Does anyone remember those?

I immediately chose my favorite color, “Turquoise and the lady began to dress me. As soon as I could see myself in the mirror I made a mental note of how much I was smiling.

I immediately had a flashback to a time that my Dad brought home a bag of lace that he’d found in a vacated apartment building that he worked in. I took that lace and made all sorts of costumes and I’d put on fashion shows with it. I was reminded of how much I’ve always enjoyed playing dress up. She’s always enjoyed playing dress up.

The Woman began to adorn me in jewels and put on my make-up. My cheeks began to hurt from smiling so much. I would constantly sneek to look in the mirror and catch a glimpse of myself as she transformed me.

This had become so much more than a cheesy photo shoot. My inner child was having “a moment” and I hadn’t even planned it.

Pretty soon, it was show time. I was standing in front of a regal and gorgeous backdrop posing for the camera. It felt good to lose control for a moment. From having her dress me, to allowing her to do whatever she wanted with my hair, to having her tell me how to pose.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how Tali was no longer present and it was all about “Lil Me”, then like a perfectly orchestrated movie scene, the Woman pulled out a piece of lace. The lace looked JUST like the lace that I’d played with as a little girl. I fought back tears as she wrapped the lace around me. I could tell that she wondered what my glossy eyes were all about.

I knew that some sort of divine intervention was happening. I was reminded that I was on the right track. I’d recently released my 21-Day Guide and Mindshift that teaches people how to Re-parent. I’d been nervous wondering how well it would be received.

I’d wondered if perhaps I was crazy for thinking that such a concept works and THIS moment confirmed it for me. I was and I am definitely on the right track.

I want others to experience moments like this. There are no words that I can type to explain how good Re-Parenting feels. I know the concept may sound foreign but if only more people would try it.

Can you imagine a World full of child-like spirits and moods? Can you imagine a World where people couldn’t help smiling and realizing that their cheeks hurt?

I’m happy to be able to contribute to this idea by offering the Re-Parent Yourself guide. It’s so affordable that practically anyone can do it and when you enter your payment info, you get your download immediately.

The feedback has been wonderful and I can’t wait to actually speak to someone that completes it.

Will you be one to take the journey? I love to have new people come on board and join me in my private facebook group so that you can discuss it with me and others along the way.

Here are a few more of the pics. Even looking at them I smile. She smiles…..

Cheers to Re-Parenting and putting the focus on “Little You!”

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