About Tali Love

Tali Love

Tali Love is a writer, advocate, creator and host of the compelling Podcast, Kinfolk Chronicles. Raised in Louisiana, Tali eventually moved to Texas followed by California as she can’t get enough of both the sunshine and laying out at the beach. She thoroughly enjoys both cooking and traveling when time permits.

Kinfolk Chronicles, allows Tali to talk to countless people all over the World about family circumstances; some unfortunate, some taboo and some that have never been spoken of before. She knows first hand how detrimental dysfunctional family dynamics can be.

Tali strives to promote a healthy outlook despite someone’s family of origin or past. She eradicates the shame, fear and residual emotional turmoil that many suffer due to unresolved family hurts.

Kinfolk Chronicles not only allows Tali to offer people a space for healing she is able to assist with banishing the stigma that’s tied to family estrangement.

Tali’s passion for people has led to her contributing countless hours to philanthropic work, helping Women & Girls while being featured on CW33, Good morning Texas and several other media outlets.

She can be reached at tali@kinfolkchronicles.com[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]