Kinfolk Chronicles is the place to come and shed your layers. Many of us are adult survivors of toxic and or narcissistic parents. We are Scapegoats, Black sheep and Golden Children but most importantly we are Survivors. We are Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Colleagues and Friends to many.

There are individuals that have to cope in this World just like anyone else, but they face a rare set of circumstances. Some of them were physically abused, mentally abused and some sexually. Some of them continue to suffer the abuse as adults. They have to try harder at life in areas that many never have to think twice about.

They often times question their own judgement, they suffer from low self-worth, they isolate themselves and they struggle with intimacy and relationships.

They thrive but it's not without a great deal of hard work. Many of them have had to make  the very hard decision to cut all ties with their toxic families and while the pain of estrangement is unbearable the stigma that comes with it makes it so much worse. Kinfolk Chronicles documents the history of this demographic while looking forward to their future.

We discuss the tough topics, share our similarities validate each other and cope as a community.


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